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I spent the week working on the training area and wanted to share the progress.

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Hey everybody,

last week I showed you the first part of the training room, this week's news will be dedicated to the second part, the improvements I made, and some programming stuff I accomplished over the week.

So let's start at the second half of the training room. I had the shape and the materials ready last week Wednesday, but it took me until Sunday to get a decent lighting, as some edges were too dark sometimes, others too bright and some more stuff which gave me a headache. But in the end I'm quite happy with the results, and I'll show them to you right now:

1. Training room part two:



unlit aerial shot:


lit aerial shot:


For everyone concerned about whether it'll run on their computer with decent graphics, the first screenshot below is taken at maximum quality settings, the second at medium:



As you can see, on best settings the shadows are a bit darker and the textures are slightly better, but the difference isn't too big. On my PC it runs perfect on medium settings and laggy on best settings.


  • AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core processor (3.60 GHz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 graphics card
  • 8 Gb RAM
  • Windows 7 64-bit

2. Improvements:

  • I changed the solid barriers to an electric particle system
  • I added a window for the Rago to watch you, kinda like in "The Hunger Games"
  • I added doors (which is a great transition to the programming stuff I finished)

3. Programming

First thing I added were the doors, which I found online (I'm absolutely lost at 3d modeling ^^'). Tey came with seperate parts, which made it easy to assemble them and assigne an open and a close animation.



After I finished this, I went on and started working on the "traps", found throughout the level. Here an impression of what the final "code" looked like:


The orange plates on the floor ("Bumpers") now have a 30% chance of making you three times as fast as normally, and a 70% chance of knocking you back.

The yellow eclectric thingies will in any case make you slower for some time, but there is also a 10% chance that you will be stunned and unable to move for 3 seconds.

Now that the basic stuff is in place, I'll try to get a model which resembles the main character Michael ( so I'll go for a soldier-styled character) and after I found one, I will start to work on some special movements, like jumping up and holding on to the edge of a wall / platform / cliff or jumping further the faster you are, stuff like this.

I hope you liked the update and don't forget to comment your ideas or remarks.

See you soon,


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