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Our current progress of Star Apocalypse isn't going fast. That's why we've been considering a few options. I'll reveal the top of the mountain.

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Hey all!

Here is a little update about our current progress of Star Apocalypse.

Currently, we're still trying to simplify the underlying mechanics, while not decreasing gameplay depth. It is not going as we want. We have found some mechanics, but not enough to simplify the design up properly to make us able to make it. What we really need, if we want to make this, are better skills.

This is not the easiest thing to get, but I've been considering a few options. The most useful option is to create a small game in between, to gain experience. I'm already writing the concept for it.

It will be a simple arcade-like multiplayer shooter, heavily focussed around teamwork. It will have fast-paced gameplay. It is a mixture between a RTS, FPS and RPG. 2d, top-down view.

I've already thought about how many functions can be expressed in code, and it seems that most of the functions are quite easy. That isn't the case with Star Apocalypse. That's why we're likely going to develop this game before Star Apocalypse.

Expect more details about this game soon!


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