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News on the further development of "Dememntia" regarding the engine,artwork,3d work and general development. We have been rather inactive so we're providing some project information..

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There hasn't been much to hear from us recently however,we have in fact been analysing this project and how we are going to continue. We first need to establish base paramenters and utilities in which the project with essentially consist of. This includes:

  • Engine discussion
  • General concept(determined by our defined ability and resources)
  • Art and 3d design
  • project progress(Effected by our current studies and so forth..)

We have been debating on which engine we are going to proceed with,prior we have selected to use the cryEngine however, we have explored other options such as unity3D and UDK. Each engine with its own benifits. We all have a programming background of the .NET framework and this has sparked questions as to how we should proceed(due to time,productivity and effectiveness). The cryEngine is beautiful yes,hower its lua base has made it kindof a bitch regarding coding for us(even with the use of cryMono) and we find the process to be uneccessary and time consuming. Thus we refered to unity3D, extremely comfortable coding accessible but lacks in the graphics area,and the process in enhancing unity3D graphics will be way too time consuming.So, we have looked to UDK now which has c++ as base coding,which is .NET framework and more in our area of expertise.The coding process is better and the graphics are beautiful.
We will most likely be switching to the Unreal Engine(UDK).We will continue providing project progress and once we get going and we're happy with everything,we would like it to be a smooth process.

-Laurence Ward

-GameChanger Team


good luck.

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DevWard Author

Thank you.

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