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In this update we talk about the coming upgrades to the game as well as give some deep incite on what we are going to improve.

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Hey everyone we wanted to give you an update on what is going on. Right now we are still in the process of converting the game and we should be well on our way to getting things polished and a lot more enjoyable for everyone when we release it. That means that a lot of the game is also going under the microscope and we will be ironing out things and adding a bit of content for those who would like to play the first chapter again after this initial upgrade to the new engine.

We are always looking for ways to improve the game and taking the game to this new engine has proved fruitful. The frame rate is much better and we are able to accommodate our heavy load of images and effects that we use in our battle system and you can see how that coupled with the larger resolution has made for a much better visual experience.

Visuals alone does not make a great game and working with Shaun we have already come up with some really good story points to the game that may need tweaking, things we never considered which add much more flavor to the characters and story and make the world a bit more robust and attractive.

Dialogue will also come with some emotions and a little more animation. We have started to adopt the idea of using facial animations for the characters portraits combined with the voice acting to give you a better idea on how they are feeling. We hope that this will make the characters feel more alive, although there are plenty of animations to hammer the point home I am always looking for ways to engage our audience.


Some other things that I did not feel were quite right and we were going over was the battle animations and designs. I felt like we could have done a much better job on some of the sprite animations, especially with the Ridders, as they will play a bigger part in the story. We are also considering giving them combo finishers so that they will be more consistent with the current playable roster.

Quint's new stanceQuint's new stanceQuint's old stanceOld stance

We also took a lot of critique from reviews and gamers who felt our game was missing some things or could have been improved in certain areas. So we are looking to add shops, more variation in areas, variation in enemies and a way to respawn enemies. Other things that we didn't quite have time to implement will also be featured in the upcoming update like night time enemies and skills. Side quests and other battle features.

New wolf den BGBlackthorne : side quest

Blackthorne : side quest

As far as rewards go we are still working towards getting that soundtrack out. We are working on getting the cover art for that made as well as some extra physical goodies for those who pledged for the physical copy of the game. We have a lot more things to talk about and go into detail but we will wait for another update for that.

We have taken up some commission work to help further development on our project so coming up with an exact release date will be misleading. We have an idea when we would like to release it, but we want to be very careful when we announce it.

Thanks for taking a look at our update

-White Guardian Studios

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