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Post news RSS Progress - after an intense first two weeks

We've been moving forward at speed over the last few days - and I'm amazed myself to see what we've put together, seeing that we only really started after Christmas!

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Hey, first News article on Moddb! We certainly still have plenty of explaining the game concept to do - but for now lets plunge right in with a progress report!

Artwork: We have quite a few models now - if you wait a bit, you should be able to check out some of the models Bobs put together on the gallery here (they're well worth a look!). There's so many, we're not going to settle for DotA's "same old boring creeps" all game long, but have increasingly tougher (and cooler :P) tiers!

On the Code side, the basics are laid out now - spawning the various waves of "pawns", and selectable upgrades for the Engines (well - just for the "Knight" at the moment). Should be two by the end of tomorrow though!

There's loads more to see on our SVN. And the game is now in a semi playable state - me and Bob have agreed to have our first trial multiplayer game today! I reckon we'll probably have a barebones version together soon after that.

Not least - thanks to various people from the Spring Engine community for the encouragement and offers to help in one way or another so far! You're certainly a driver for me/us to go on.

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