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It's been awhile since our last update. I started working on some multiplayer maps as well as announcing the Linux version.

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I've made some changes since the last progress update. Also announced is a Linux version of Raw F.O.X!
If you pledge $20 or more on IndieGoGo, you gain access to the Closed MULTIPLAYER BETA!

This is another progress update. First off, I started designing a few multiplayer maps. The first map,
mp_farm, is a wooded village few miles from the Aspēn Mountain Range(which I'm keeping quiet about...), with an inaccessible highway bridge going down the middle. Originally, it was going to be, obviously, a medium-ranged farm with great sniping spots. I decided to scrap that idea and change it into a village in the woods. However, I decided to keep the console code for reference, and because I haven't decided on the final name of the map. The other map, mp_bridge, is obviously set on a bridge. The amazing thing about this map is that it is set on the highway bridge in mp_farm. This map is the smallest in the game and it has very little cover, if at all, any cover. The map, however, is set at night. Apposed to mp_farm, which is set during the evening. Those are the only maps that have been created so far. An early un-finished version of mp_farm can be viewed by downloading ALPHA 2 in the Downloads tab. I did receive a bug by numerous people saying that the multiplayer menu would show that there were players online, however it did not show any games created nor could anyone join a game. This was because my Photon server trial ended. This has already been fixed and the networking will be working in the next Alpha it is featured in.

I'm very happy to announce that Raw F.O.X will run a Linux build at release. This will be made possible due to the announcement of Unity 4. One of the new features with Unity 4 is the option to create a Linux standalone build. Before, you could only create a Windows and Mac build. This now means that Raw F.O.X can be target towards a larger audience.

Changelog So Far:

  • Added Destructible Environments
  • Added Basic HUD that shows what gun is in-use and how much ammo is left
  • Fire Modes for weapons can be changed by pressing the weapon's select key
  • Hits needed to destroy an object varies over different weapons(i.e 90 bullets from a gun are required to shoot down a small helicopter, but only 1 rifle-grenade is needed to shoot it down)
  • Added Basic Radar
  • Added Crosshair
  • SFX for bullets and soldier-environment interactions added
  • Locomotion System added for both player and enemies
  • Removed Pause Menu(Game can still be paused however)
  • Helicopter have a more dynamic crashing
  • Added Enemy AI and Waypoints
  • NPC's implemented to work along and have the same features as the player
  • IndieGoGo campaign launched
  • Raw F.O.X paths typed out(These will not be available to the public)
  • Multiplayer Map mp_farm developed
  • Multiplayer Map mp_bridge developed
  • Mission "Chilled To The Bone" currently being designed
  • Added strange voices and apparitions to Multiplayer maps and in-game missions
  • Added mapdata spreadsheet to the game's source files(A detailed form of the multiplayer maps, such as what teams are featured in the map, whether there are vehicles in the map, tells if the map was part of a DLC and if so which one, etc. The game's source files will be supplied in the next alpha in a ZIP file. However, they are hidden very deep inside of the files)
  • Implemented TeamSpeak to work with the multiplayer
  • Easter Eggs added in every mission, some are funny and some might make you have to change your pants. So watch out, you never know what might pop out at you
  • Added hanging skeleton to the windmill in mp_farm(It is also visible in mp_bridge). I'm keeping quiet about him but he does play an essential part in the back-story of Edward Groves.
  • Added skull in the chapel graveyard in mp_farm(not visible in mp_bridge). It also plays an essential part in the back-story of Edward Groves

My goal is to release the game by the beginning of 2013 or the end of 2012. When the game gets finished depends heavily on your feedback from playing the alphas, so please comment on them! We're still trying to hit our IndieGoGo goal of $800! Let's keep going! A pledge of at least $20 will get you access to the closed multiplayer beta! A pledge of $100 will get you and two friends a copy of the game when it's released! Spread the word! HELP ME RAISE MONEY FOR
RAW F.O.X: IndieGoGo. The IndieGoGo project will help fund the game's development, production, PR, and publishing. I intend to release Raw F.O.X on Steam and/or Desura, but I can't do it without your help! Thank you very much!

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