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I'm proud to announce that the ALPHA 1 has been released for Raw F.O.X! This alpha contains the basic things I addressed in the latest news. A few bugs have been fixed, but some still occur. The game is still playable though. Please send us feedback via IndieDB!

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Today, I released the 1st alpha build for Raw F.O.X. Some of the bugs I mentioned in the last update were fixed. However, some still occur, but they aren't anything that gets in the way of the main gameplay. Currently, there is only the Windows build. When ALPHA 2 releases next week, both the Windows and Mac builds will be included. You can click the button below to get ALPHA 1. Send us feedback at redkixgames@yahoo.com or shoot me a PM here on IndieDB.


Since the last update, I have started implementing Enemy AI and Waypoints. I've tested these using another player model, but replacing the original scripts with the Enemy AI. They aren't quite correct just yet, but they'll do for now. I'm also going to start implementing NPC's to work along with the player. After that, I'll start working on vehicular gameplay and dynamic weather. These will be in both the narrative and multiplayer modes, and contain basic controls to fly airplanes, drive tanks, drive jeeps, etc. I've posted a job ad for a C# Programmer, so making these scripts will get done faster.


  • Added Destructible Environments
  • Added Basic HUD that shows what gun is in-use and how much ammo is left
  • Fire Modes for weapons can be changed by pressing the weapon's select key
  • Hits needed to destroy an object varies over different weapons(i.e 90 bullets from a gun are required to shoot down a small helicopter, but only 1 rifle-grenade is needed to shoot it down)
  • Added Basic Radar
  • Added Crosshair
  • SFX for bullets and soldier-environment interactions added
  • Locomotion System added for both player and enemies
  • Removed Pause Menu(Game can still be paused however)
  • Helicopter have a more dynamic crashing
  • Added Enemy AI and Waypoints
  • NPC's implemented to work along and have the same features as the player

There is now a concept video demonstrating the Destructible Environments feature in Raw F.O.X!

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