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ALPHA 2 has been released! You can download it by going to the Downloads tab. I started to work more on the flashlight battery system. I also reworked the note system to work better and easier. Along with a apparition follow system.

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Q.U.A.D Wallpaper

ALPHA 2 has been released! You can download it by going to the Downloads tab. I started to work more on the flashlight battery system. With this system, the flashlight will be on for a while, then start to flicker. Eventually, it will cut all the way off. To turn it back on, you must double tap a key. This will work a lot smoother and faster. I also reworked the note system. I've locked the cursor in the middle of the screen so now it's easier to pick up and read notes. I've added an apparition follow system. This system kind of takes on the same follow system that Slender does. However, it is a bit different. This system will make the player feel like they are being followed, when they really aren't. This is still in the works and may take some time to perfect.

A Linux version of Q.U.A.D will be released on launch! There will also be Linux version of the ALPHAs released along with the Windows and Mac versions. Fund IndieGoGo to get the Linux versions updated often. We plan to release ALPHA 2 for all three OS.


  • Added footstep, ambiance, and other sounds for a realistic environment.
  • Fixed noclipping bug.
  • Added Flashlight Battery System and UI.
  • Fixed mesh renderers for apparitions(They are only visible when triggered).
  • Added random noises(A noise such as knocking, footsteps, banging, etc. will play randomly).
  • Added headbobber for realistic walking.
  • Added settings menu.
  • Removed jumping(To avoid players leaving the map).
  • Changed a few controls.
  • Added black X(Keeping quiet about it...)
  • Added strange voices.
  • Added weather sounds(Thunder, wind, etc.)
  • Fixed walking speed.
  • Linux version announced
  • Removed settings menu from ALPHAs due to lag
  • Added more dynamic hauntings
  • ALPHA 1 released!
  • Added room names
  • Fixed stair bug
  • Added Static Night Vision Camera System
  • Added barrel scares
  • Reworked the Storage Room into Garage
  • Fixed control issues
  • Added car scare. Yep. Doesn't seem scary, or does it?
  • More backstory added
  • Don't take the car...
  • Added burial site scare
  • Added black X scare
  • Tweaked note system
  • Working on randomized scare locations, so you won't expect the same scare always in the same place
  • More apparition scares
  • Notes are now linked to one another so you may find one note mentioned in another
  • Static Night Vision Camera now triggers other hauntings
  • Q.U.A.D Promo #1 released!
  • Replaced Motel with Curtis' House
  • Added box scares
  • Added skeletons linked to notes and hauntings
  • Added diary entries
  • Tweaked note system
  • Added basic ALPHA level
  • Reworked flashlight lifetime
  • Added apparition stalk

I plan to release the game sometime in mid 2013. If it gets finished before then, I might release it earlier. When the game gets finished depends very much on your feedback from playing the ALPHAs, so please download, play, and comment your feedback on them! Thanks!

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