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This is a huge update to the game and a message to developers willing to help.

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We have not been fooling around and me and Devin have been working and the first map is nearly complete. The problem though is that we don't have anymore help with certain areas of the game so if by march 15th we don't have a programmer and animator, we are going to have to turn the game from a zombie shooter to puzzle horror game. Obviously this wasn't a light decision but with our experience. We will have to start smaller and convert to a horror game. The map we designed for zombie shooting action also can be used as a horror map with a little adjustments. Below are screenshots of the map and how it is looking right now.

Street001 WaitingRoom005Terminus010Street002Terminus012

These are the latest map images of the progress. Like I said before we still need help so if you have any experience with the jobs listed in the introduction then feel free to email me at omarma39@gmail.com

Thanks for sticking with us, Unknown Game.

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