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Post news RSS Progress 1/10/2014

Just another progress report on my upcoming mod, Amnesia: The Curse!

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Hey guys! Sorry for being silent so long!!

I've had a lot to do lately and my mod was put on a bit of a back burner. However, it is the weekend, and I will have more for you guys hopefully VERY soon.

I didn't do any map designing, but I have been coding, debugging, polishing etc. like a mad thing! I don't know if moddb allows for pictures of code, so I didn't post any XD Also, I've been in touch with my wonderful voice actor, Greyloc, and have been recording some voice parts. I've been a very busy person lately!

Anyway, I am going to be breaking ground on the next playable level tomorrow and WILL have progress photos for you guys either late tomorrow evening or at the latest, Sunday afternoon. I don't know what my schedule is like at the moment.

As always, thanks for sticking with my mod and adding it to your watchlists!! Its you guys that really keep me going!


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