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Added a basic login system to keep track of score, achivements, paddle color and other planned stuff.

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Its still pretty basic, but its something! The way its done now ensures older/newer versions of repong can read and make use of them without crashing, if i were to add or remove something.

Right now profiles store the name of the player, and their paddle color. Player selection looks alot better now that there arent so many buttons added on there c: Here are some images so you can see where im getting at.

Login system

This is the selection screen. Needs a little more work on the design, but its a start :D
Also needs a "back" or "options" button to modify some profile properties.

Login system

The current profile creation screen. Not much to say about it.
You choose your name and the color of your paddle, and it gets stored for later use.

Login system

This is how the player select box looks like after a profile has been chosen c:
Displays your color and your name. Choosing between PLAYER and CPU is being remade, since id like to add a difficulty slidebar on these boxes. Now for the final screen, shows the two profiles in use.

Login system

I cant believe i suck at my own game. Makes me want to cry xD Thats pretty much all for now. Im trying to make the game as customizable as possible for more user friendly features c: This update adds a bigger possibility towards changing the image of the paddles, and the image of the board. Look forward to the next update!

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