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A work in progress, WIP, Look at what's coming up with more fully interactive buildings fight on 4 floors, many rooms to set up an ambush, terrain and cover greatly enhanced in game shots.

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xoom border

So many good things are happening in terms of Environment Artwork, and today we're going to have several screenshots outlining what that work entails... let's just say this is a pretty big (awesome) update that you want to check out. There's also some investigation and discovery to see what we can do, some fixes to existing artwork, and brand new artwork as well, so let's get right to it. Special thanks to our environment artists: Xl2rippr, Mkw and Morganlines.

wwiiol JPG

YOU, can help all of these initiatives move faster and provide us with the fuel to do more by becoming a HERO BUILDER. It has never been a better time to HERO UP and back CRS.

As a hero you will receive a free towing account, NCO and Ammunition Bearer infantry classes, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers. Are you ready to help make this game better?



This building is presently in-game but needs to have its secondary damage state reactivated. Due to some tech reasons (like clipping and such) it was deactivated long ago, so we asked Xl2rippr to do his magic and get it back online. This shows you a new approach on how we plan to get rubble to look, we're aiming to go back to that charred "burnt" look.

3 rubble1

4 rubble3

5 rubble4


Xl2rippr: This one very much inspired by the French style of buildings during the era. This building is fully enterable and contains a large number of rooms, as you can see. The damaged state will feature the center part of the structure ( the tower ) being collapsed.

6 newurb3 2

7 newurb3


Morganlines: These are in-progress shots for the restaurant, a hotel, an apartment, bakery, butcher, and telephone shop!

Mkw: Take notice at our goal to provide roof access for WWII Online players, we are looking at several new ways at achieving this.

8 urbldg02 front

9 urbldg02 back bit

This is the Bakery.

10 urbldg02 bakery

This is a kitchen in this building.

11 urbldg02 kitchen

Here is a unique side-building view look at most of the interiors

12 urbldg02 interiors

Here is an apartment building currently being developed.

13 apartment

Here is a new hotel being developed.

14 urbldg02 interiors


Here we'll demonstrate to you a couple of our explorations to make your game play environment more realistic / believable within the game engine. It's a variety of adding new textures on the ground tiles, manipulating grass textures / models, making grass taller to reflect fields, and of course cornfields.

First here is the taller grass, as you can see compared to the German infantryman, it stands much higher, enabling concealment of troops.

15 tallgrasstest

This is a quick test of replacing the grass model.

16 newgrasstest

Here we test a dirtier ground texture for different environments.

17 dirttexture

And here is more of a farmland texture on a terrain tile.

18 farmingtexture

An infantryman stands next to a cornfield with some taller grass as well.

19 newgrassandcorn

A quick shot of a small corn crop.

20 corn

Up close and personal to the corn crop to see the detail.

21 cornclose

Close up of the corn crop as it goes into night.

22 corndark

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