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Post news RSS Production team creating new equipment for US troops

Production has in the past borrowed equipment from others to fit out the US kit. That is no longer the case. See now pictures of what is coming and will continue to come in the near future.

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xoomOur Production team is continuing to fill out the United States military kit because it is the newest of the personas and requires some additional assets to balance its kit and give them equivalent fighting capabilities of other nations. As you know we had to borrow from some of our other nations to make them deployable into the campaign, but now that is getting corrected. Your subscriptions are directly supporting this development, please consider subscribing at HTTP://account.wwiionline.com/ to continue these efforts - thank you! More pictures inside.

us 37mm steam 4


This is the US Forces equivalent to the Pak36 and 2 Pounder. It will be towable by light vehicles and spawnable at the fortified mobile spawn and depots. A big salute to BMBM for his continued efforts on these new vehicles and weapons platforms fueling WWII Online with new and exciting capabilities.

As I like to say, "let's look at those shiney's!" (You know, screenshots).

us 37mm steam 3

us 37mm steam 4

Seen here is the German perspective with a blurred effect isolating the US M3 37mm ATG getting ready to engage the Panzer rolling by.

us 37mm 3


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The new Commando Class is coming to WWII Online in December of 2020! ( "Details about the commando here" )

7 commando announcement

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