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Post news RSS Proceed: FIRST Gameplay Teaser of the 2D Procedural Universe

Proceed - The procedural 2D universe with Digital Painted Artwork has just shown off the very first gameplay teaser. It's just 17 seconds long, but we're planning the second, 1 Minute Trailer for September 19th.

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This is the very first look at the unique and endless world of Proceed. It's just a teaser of our Prototype but development is on schedule to launch a Kickstarter in Janurary and fund another year of Development.

Enjoy the teaser and screenshots below!

Every world is totally endless, our powerful procedural generator combines thousands of high-quality digital paintings and many Proc-Gen techniques to create a universe to explore, harvest and survive.

While we're hard at work making trailer no. 2, why not give us a like on our social media links below to help us along and see the many updates to come.

Website: www.proceedgame.com/about

Facebook: www.facebook.com/proceedvideogame

Twitter: www.twitter.com/proceed_game

3 Prototype Procedural Planets in Proceed.

3 procedural planets in proceed

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