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Download it now on IndieDB! This is the first time that we are uploading the PC builds here are we are anxious to get feedback from the community.

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Hey Guys! We have a new build ready and this time we are trying something new. Instead of a web build we are putting the PC build up. You can check it out here...

Privateers Alpha v0.20 (PC)

We continue to focus on adding fun content to the game with this release. One of the biggest additions is that we have put in a dungeon generator which we are using to create various crypts and tombs which you can take your crew in to explore. They are dangerous places to venture, but the rewards could be great!

Exploring tombs is perfectly safe!

Beyond this, we have put together a bunch of quest chains using the new system from the last release. These give more of a sense of direction while you are playing the game. Stay tuned for us to add a lot more of these in future releases. Another important addition to the event content is that we are working to make reputation have a bigger impact in the game. A example of this is that if you have bad reputation, navy ships will now chase you instead of pirate ships. So, be careful about your choices.

Be careful about running into this guy!

Another thing to look forward to is the new demon enemy type. Kurt recently put this guy together an he looks awesome. They can be pretty hard to handle as well :-).

Demon casting a spell

On a less exciting note, we also had to do a big refactor to change out the plugin we were using for sound effect and music. The one we were using was buggy and we couldn't tolerate it any more. The good news is that with this we add a bunch of new sound effects which really help to crisp up the feel of the game.

As always, enjoy the build and please give us your feedback!

---- v0.20 ----

  • New dungeon generator
  • Lots of new dungeon events
  • Several new quest chains
  • Many bug fixes
  • New demon enemy type
  • Lots of new sound effects
  • Navy ships now chase you if you have bad reputation
  • Refactoring of event saving to be more stable
  • Refactored sound and music to use a new pluggin
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