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The newest private beta update finishes a quest and fixes some bugs! More to come!

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So I've been busy finishing up my final year of high school so I haven't have much time to work on the game but I have been able to mess with some things and fix some bugs and I also finished up a quest and started working on a couple more!

The newest update (V0.1.10) finishes "The Holey Find" quest, also fixes a few little bugs.
The next update will add new areas and some new quests! Since I graduate next week I'll be able to work full time on the game when I'm not working (gotta keep an income going :P). I'm working on adding random drops from enemies and random drops when opening chests. I'm also adding more weapons and trying to make it so shops change inventory periodically and randomly. As of now the release date stands but if anything I may have to delay it a little bit to make up for lost time while finishing up school.

Also have you guys seen the fan made video with some gameplay of an earlier version of the public beta? If not check it out!

also don't forget to like OWaRPGG on facebook and you can also like Maniak Gaming on FB as well!
Oh yeah and I'll also be releasing more Private Beta keys on the OWaRPGG facebook page soon ;P.


Put it in here Secure.indiedb.com

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