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Hello World, Introduction to our game, Prism Animus Interactive Nexus (P.A.I.N.)

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Hello World,

We are here, starting Prism Animus Interactive Nexus (P.A.I.N.), the beginning of it is an app. It is a card collecting game/app that my wife (Gabriel Broussard) and myself (Ian Broussard) have spent lots of time working on. We will develop our bios so that everybody who wishes to get to know us more can do so. However I am here to talk about the game.

The game is going to start off being a F2P, Card Collecting Game for mobile devices however we wouldn't want to leave out people who don't play their phones and desire it to be available in at least one other form than mobile, so windows seems to be the choice... Ultimately we would like to reach every console, we will see how that can develop. We also desire when bringing new editions of this game, that we allow players to continue and bring their already developed collection with them! We are gamers and it really gets to us when games come out with a new version and all those loyal fans who have been a part, have to start over from scratch. Seeing as the aim of this game is to include 6 other games which all fall in with the eras, we are searching all the methods of incorporating the games and seeing which fits best.

It will have 6 very different eras from which the player can build their decks. A variety of different match styles that will offer various rewards which help the player develop their collection. Players will have skill points for an attribute system that has various influences on the players style. There will be daily rewards given as well. We have designs for many aspects of this game, like the development of the menu scene becoming its own interactive world. However the main focus of our start is on the in-game arenas AI, player tutorial onboarding and in depth art.

The beginning, In-Game Arenas, are comprised of two types of layouts. Which will each be run in their own way creating a huge variety of gameplay based on the Battle type of the player preference. There will be challenges held monthly for extra special rewards and various ranking categories for better matchmaking. Our ranking category will have extra aim focused at specific player type style and what seems best suited in the battle mode selected.

It will feature an ability to create group Consortiums where players can trade with other players as to accelerate their development on their chosen desired focus. They will also have Consortium Tournaments. As well as various battle modes to participate in. Some linked with quest lines that help the player develop their attribute points.

Consortiums will have various bonuses given to the players in later developments*.

The Shop of Eight's definitely is going to be an experience all of its own. With earnable and changeable backgrounds, users will ultimately be able to customize their menus to preferred skins. Eight, being the Collectors eldest favorite, largely hangs around and minds the shop where the collector allows access to players to speed up and enhance their own collections.

There is so much more to come. These are just some of the things I can talk about.

We look forward to sharing our creations.

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