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Presenting the first plans for the Victoria 2020 mod.

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What has been done so far:

  • Testing new events
  • Introducing new conflicts
  • Cleaning up province files while adjusting borders and bringing new infrastructure and industry levels
  • Updated the pops of Gulf monarchies as a taster

Here are the priority features to be worked on:

  • Adjust borders from CWE to match preditcions of the world for 1 January 2020.
  • Update governments, units and diplomatic relations (first for countries involved in conflicts, such as Yemen because of the war or Venezuela not being in the US sphere of influence anymore)
  • Countries are at the bottom of technology trees, not near the top
  • Bring back the disgusting concepts of 'primitive' and 'uncivilized' for much of Africa and parts of Asia
  • Clean up anything unecessary (like events that could only happen in the Cold War period)

Then of course I will move onto other priorities such as:

  • Technologies, events and decisions make sense given the new period (Bretton Woods isn't just being discovered and implemented)
  • New interactions like
  • Population matches the new era (for now it will be 1/4 of real population, but may change)
  • Find a way to implement the growing rivalries between the US and China, Russia and the EU
  • Wait for Bolivia to stabilise
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