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The biggest map in the game.. Also known as Princess Temple... Is on it's way, gonna take a long time to make but now your wondering... Is the extra time worth it???

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My standards for a game i release have gone up a lot since Freedom came out and received a lot of good feedback, and it received even more after people found out i had been making it secretly for almost a year prior to release! So why not try that again,,,, Except this time im not doing it in the dark, i have announced it, released a small demo, and even openly talked about it to friends and others online, and have not only done that but have continued to work on it, even though im usually tired as hell, and am currently having an energy drink crash, in short though this game will be my greatest piece of work yet- good story, fun gameplay and did i mention the biggest 001 map to date (im just guessing, if you want to correct me thats fine, but it is the biggest map to date that i have done) So as i said, big map, fun game, good story (sorry no spoilers for you guys) And of course the signature 001 graphics that you either love or hate. So im pushing the engine to it's limits with this map that is 400x400, if you guys are familiar with 001, then you will know that is friggen huge. My program has crashed a few times due to it's sheer size, and i have a weird saving error, but fear not im not anywhere near giving up, i will press on and finish this game.... For all of you that believe that i can pull off one of the most impressing 001 RPG games of all time... Ok maybe that took it to far :)

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