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Day 15 of Kickstarter! For today's update we are going to go more in-depth into the mechanics of Dungeons in Primal Hero!

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Hi everyone! It's day 15 of our Kickstarter, if you haven't seen it yet you can check it out here:


What are Dungeons?

For today's update we are going to go more in-depth into the mechanics of Dungeons in Primal Hero! In the game, some Primals that exist are far too powerful for one Summoner to defeat. These Elite Primals or "Boss" Primals take up lairs and lead armies of Primals against the people of Archaeis. To progress in the game, players will need to form parties with others in order to team up and raid the lair of these bosses.

Why should I do a Dungeon?

The amount of experience you get for defeating Primals in dungeons is much higher then if you defeat Primals in Wild Zones. Many dungeons will also have quests to go along with them to increase the amount of experience you get for doing them. Also, Elite Primals will have a chance to drop great items for your character such as armor, weapons, or cloaks. The Elite Primal also has a chance of dropping an egg, allowing the player to then have that boss as a Primal in their own party.

How do you join a group to do a Dungeon?

Primal Hero will offer a waiting room queue system (similar to a first person shooter) for each dungeon in order to make finding a group easy. Once you click the Dungeon icon on the world map you will be transferred to a new UI filled with player created waiting rooms meant specifically for that dungeon. You can join an open one or create your own if you wish. Players will also be able to form parties with people on their friend’s list or by talking to people in different chat channels.

What kind of group do I need to complete a Dungeon?

When fighting as a team in a dungeon, each player will have one Primal out at a time and will take turns commanding their current Primal to fight the enemy. Many dungeons will require the group to have a particular combination of roles (tank, striker, and support) in order to defeat them.

A "Tank" is meant to take all of the hits of the group, or at least the majority of them, and still be able to stand. "Tank"s will be able to learn various attacks that can taunt enemy Primals to attack them for a turn or two in a row (these attacks will have a different effect when not in dungeons). Tank roles are filled by Normal and Wind-type Primals.

"Striker"s are the damage dealers. While the Tank is taking the hits, it's the Striker's job to dish out as much damage as possible to the enemy Primals or the Elite Primal. The best part about this role is every single element in Primal Hero can be a striker.

Finally, "Support" Primals are the ones that boost the group's stats to make them as strong as possible, but more importantly, they heal the group. Support Primals will have various healing abilities with varying effects. Whether it's a one time heal that restores a lot of health, or a mass heal which can heal not only the Tank but the Striker as well, or an attack that will restore health slowly each turn. Water and Earth-type Primals fill the Support role in Dungeons.

How will it feel to go through a Dungeon?

Clearing your way through a dungeon will involve several different levels of fighting groups of wild Primals before reaching the boss. Bosses will have special passive mechanics and abilities that will make them much harder to defeat than regular wild Primals (area of effect, immunities, rage timers, etc.) .

For more information on Primal elements and the roles they play, check out our previous post:


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