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Just some summing up of what's going on, what's to come, and what you want.

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Hello there! I'm going to start this lovely news post off by saying that Pressure is making great progress and has come a very long way since the start! We currently have a team of 5, and we are still looking for a GFX artist who can do sound effects and ambient music. If you're interested go ahead and give me a PM. As you can tell by the newest image we have a brilliant Texture Artist! I've also got a nice Pixel/Concept Artist who has been hard at work on merchandise designs, and object sprites. There currently are no updates on the mapping of the city at the moment, because our modeler/mapper has been away. A big update surely is soon to come so stay tuned!

Implemented Systems -

Weapon attachments and suit upgrades
Cars with license plates that the player will be able to dynamically change in game.
Fully functioning human and zombie AI
Player stats
Fully functioning GUI
Barrier systems
Eating/Hunger system
Power system (Yes the suit requires power to do certain things)
Fuel system for vehicles

Not Implemented but planned -

Housing (There will be side "missions" that will allow you to either build or get your own house. If the house already exists then you must clean it out, because I'm sure there will be a zombie or two in it.)
Helicopters/Corporation Vehicles
Hover cars (It is the future.)
Searching/Scavenger system
Car upgrades
Instead of the normal chainsaw I plan on replacing that with a chainsaw that's attached to the suit
Blood/Gore effects
Other members to the hazmat squad
Supply drops (contains materials to build weapons,houses,furniture)
Leveling system

Total Progress - 40% (estimated)

Alright that's it for this update so far. Update #4 is going to come very soon!

Have a suggestion that you feel can make the game extra awesome? Feel free to post a comment stating what the suggestion is and it might be added! If your suggestion is good enough to add to the game then you will receive a free in game item once it releases! (maybe a bit early for that, but I'll be sure to get it to you!)

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