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Some stuff new about this awesome project. Be sure to track and keep a watch on the progress!

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Highlights -
Added safe zones. Made the human AI semi advanced. They just walk around so far. Made a few good bug fixes and other neat features. Zombies to attack safe zones. I was able to get up to 15 of them to rush in at once. I also added glow sticks for looks.

Upcoming updates -

Making it to where human AI can get killed by zombies, Fixing the human AI to where they shoot zombies, smoke grenades, and maybe a few others..

Gibberish -
I do plan on making this game multiplayer when I'm finished with the single player aspect of it, so keep that in mind when you are reading over this. I do not want it to be a MMO though. I'm planning on making it to where only 4 - 6 players can be on a server. That way it can fit the story line as the other players being part of your hazmat squad that was deployed. This game is a learning experience for me as well. I kinda just jumped into Js when I got bored of Java and Android development. I'm really needing to build up a college portfolio so this game will get done. That way I will have at least one released game in it. I'm unsure about if I want to sell the game or make it free. If the game kicks butt like I'm hoping it does then I may have a small fee for it. Anyways be sure to track the game and comment with your ideas! If the idea is good and makes sense it WILL be implemented.

Progress so far-

Sprites - 0%
Textures - 0%
Menus - 21%
day/night code - 52%
Movement/Saving - 30%
Weapons - 40%
Multiplayer - 0%
Barriers and such - 35%
Advanced AI - 25%
Mapping - 2%
Inventory codes - 12%
Searching - 0%
Interiors - 0%
GUI - 10%
Maps - 0%
Other - 15%

Open Positions -

Pixel Artist
Texture Artist

If you're interested in any positions they are unpaid UNLESS the game makes money. IF the game makes money the income will be distributed evenly across the team.

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