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Highlights from the latest reviews of Drip Drip. The sites that did the reviews are True PC Gaming, Glitch Cat, and Gamezebo.

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Here are highlights from the latest reviews of Drip Drip.

True PC Gaming:

It may look like a cute and cuddly title, but Drip Drip can be brutally hard which is a good thing in today’s market.

On the flip side, the character and building art are of extreme high quality. The tools come to life in how they look and move. Tools such as sauce pans and kettles give off a very cute vibe as they hop their way across your screen. Building art is also well done. From apartment slums to skyscrapers, every structure is beautifully detailed.

The audio for Drip Drip is great as well. The clanking of pots and pans as they scurry along to their destinations, splatting sound of the sponge, thunder claps, lightning strikes and of course, the sounds of dripping water all come together in harmony.

Drip Drip also has a slew of built-in achievements to keep the completionist in you busy for quite a while.

Despite its minor shortcomings, Drip Drip is a blast to play. The gameplay is extremely easy to pick up and the learning curve on Medium difficulty was almost perfect. Drip Drip is one of those titles in the same vein as Peggle or Plants vs. Zombies where you begin to play just for a few minutes, but before you know it, two hours have passed. This game brings back the quality frantic dash style that has been lost in the casual market due to the popularity of HOG/Adventure titles.

Is It Worth Your Money? For fans of the dash genre, Drip Drip is a must-have title. The great presentation, cute characters and crazy fun add up to time and the asking price of $9.99 well spent. PC gamers new to this style of game should check it out too. Do not worry. No one will revoke your Hardcore PC Gaming Membership.

Glitch Cat:

The game has a very unique visual style that’s definitely its own. The tools are animated objects with eyes that move very fluidly and respond well to your furious clicking. The levels themselves are also highly detailed and colorful, and the background art reflects the status of the rain very well. All in all, Drip Drip a visually pleasing game. If there’s any complaints about the visuals, it is that they are so well done and colorful that they draw attention away from the game’s useful mini-map that’s found on the bottom left of the screen.

The audio in the game is also very solid, with the spot-on sounds of dripping water and rainfall, and the clinking, clanking of hammers, buckets, pots and pans.

Finally, Drip Drip has an impressively long list of achievements for the completionists out there that will guarantee plenty of replay value. I know I’ve replayed every level several times just to get the best scores possible.

Drip Drip is a quirky and highly addictive strategy game that actually tries something new and does it well. It is a simple game, but it’s also a very fun one, very well worth the price of admission. In my opinion it has very little in the way of flaws since everything actually does come together in a very cohesive way, and is great example of simple yet elegant game design. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a nation to save.

Rating: 9/10


Pros: Unique, downright clever concept. Lots of different tools to unlock.

With Drip Drip, the game’s unique concept is worth a look.

Drip Drip, if nothing else, is a unique RTS that deserves credit for trying something new. If you’re looking for a challenging gameplay experience, Drip Drip has that too, mixed with cute personified inanimate objects that stand out against the static backgrounds.

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