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First international press release with general info about our new game launch.

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Roll it!

My name is Claudio Hernandez from Greyman Studios (based in Granada, Spain) and we have just released to Steam Greenlight our first commercial game called “xoEl”. Besides PC platform, it will be launched for mobile devices, IOS & Android.
Platforms: Steam, IOS & Android.

It is a puzzle game where you play by rolling a box on a platform so you get through the exit cell. XoEl offers a taste of the acclaimed game “Edge” and the mobile game “Cubes”, but more focused in puzzle skills without giving up to some action.

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You play as a Yabbie, whose race has been imprisoned by evil empire xoEl. Your mission is to escape from the prison formed by platforms, freeing as many partners as you can on the way. The aim is to roll and colour the box you are trapped in by stepping into special cells so you can get through the exit to the platform below. There are a wide range of mechanics: colour the entire box, colour a single face, activate or deactivating bridges, set other partners free by matching face colours and evading any contact with sentinels... and many more.

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At the end of each level, made up of 16 platforms, the yabbie will escape from the cube for a moment, but will be caught again for the next level.

The score for the levels (all 16 platforms) will be calculated by adding the number of moves, the time spent and number of partners freed.

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  • Graphic mode setup
  • Social interface for global scoreboards
  • Single player
  • Achievements and badges for Steam and mobile markets
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IOS & Android Release Date

01 Dec 2016
Freemium, Ads free €2.99

PC on Steam or Direct homepage

1Q 2017
Retail price €5.99 <!-- [if gte mso 9]>
Screenshot 5 Kickstarter logo A crowdfunding campaign will be launched by 20th November, offering special discounts on the retail price of both the PC and mobile versions. It also will include early access to the incredible "xoEl Level editor" that will enable the community to create its own content for xoEl. <!-- [if mso]>
At the moment we have a CLOSED BETA version (DEMO):

  • PC version graphics in development.
  • Featuring 4 levels out of 30.
  • Music in progress.
  • Achievements not implemented yet
  • UI under construction.
  • Character animation in progress.

PC/Windows version CLOSED BETA, please contact us for a link for downloading.

Android version download*

IOS version
to be downloaded via TestFlight*

*If you don't have access to the PC, Android or IOS demo, please register in our web.

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Videos and trailers:

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight page:
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Press kit
Online press kit:


Game breakthrough in PDF:

Game breakthrough en PDF (español):
Cloud.greyman.es <!-- [if mso]>
In case you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. We’re also open for an interview.

Claudio Hernandez
Game producer

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Copyright © 2016 Greyman Studios, All rights reserved.

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