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Press kit available. Game is free to download for both Android and iOS

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Hi everyone! :)

I released my first solo project on Android and iOS earlier this year. As some of you might understand it took a lot of effort to do this game alone so promotional things like Press Kit got postponed. Next time I will make sure to have this ready upon release :) Anyway, I'm happy to announce that this is now available as well as the game itself ofcourse! Feel free to give me your comments, all feedback is is welcome! Thanks to Rami Ismail for his presskit()


Short info about the game
Shape Up is a physics based arcade shooter where timing is the key to survival. The player controls a whale that is constantly being attacked by falling geometric objects. By shooting bubbles and hitting the geometric objects the player can deflect and bounce them up towards the top of the screen where they are destroyed. As the player progresses, an increasing amount of geometric objects fall down. The player is forced to make good use of the surrounding walls, glancing shots and using power-ups wisely to battle the laws of physics. Improving accuracy will reward the player with bonus stars for extra points. In the end there is no escaping death. Until then, Shape Up!


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