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Post news RSS Presenting Million to One Hero. A platformer with a powerful editor

The idea from the beginning of the development has been to create a game with an editor that lets players create levels and what we call “adventures”.

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Hello everyone!

We wanted to present our new project: Million to One Hero, a pixelart platformer game with a powerful editor inside.

The idea from the beginning of the development has been to create a game with an editor that lets players create levels and what we call “adventures”. An adventure is a collection of levels that follow a common storyline or theme. Like a World in Super Mario games.

We released a trailer that gives a good idea of what this game is about.

In terms of gameplay the goal has always been to have a platforming experience that is clear and simple, but with a bunch of extras that expand that gameplay. The basic actions players can do are: jump, dash and close range sword attack. We have some entities that we call “Relics” which give the player an extra ‘skill’. These are only available if a creator adds them in their levels.

We have included tools that you can use to add a wide collection of entities, some classic like traps, powerups, enemies and some quite original in a platform game like events, logic gates, NPC’s, make them talk, respond to certain events and with all of those create your own quests and situations.

Brief Summary of Random Details:

  • We have been working on MTOH for around 2 years

  • We use our own game engine. OpenGL and DirectX.

  • Million to One Hero will support Windows, Linux and Mac. First time we do a Linux build! We wanted to do it for our previous game but in the end we had to forget about it.

  • Porting to consoles is planned, but PC is our main focus at this time.

  • This is the first time we have worked with databases for a game: Amazon/SQL/Redis (lots of work!).

  • Working and testing this game has been lots of fun! Because of the ‘speedrun’ component we have been finding ourselves competing against each other for hours on a single level.

Current Plans:

We will be starting our Early Access on February 27. Our goal is to release a very stable Early Access build and from that point work together with the community on improvements based on feedback: gameplay, usability of the tools, ideas for new entities, traps and skills.

This is something that worked very well when we released our previous game “Full Mojo Rampage”. We struggled to get visibility of our game, but during early access the word-of-mouth helped us start getting players interest and slowly but steady the game managed to have a great community and a good number of players.


About the Team:

Over the Top Games is a Spanish dev studio. Before this game we developed NyxQuest for WiiWare, The Fancy Pants Adventures for consoles (360 and PS3) and Full Mojo Rampage (PC, One, PS4). We have also done some fun experiments here and there with technology and apps.

We are currently a team of 3 developers: 2 programmers and one artist. We all work from home and use Skype as our main dev tool :D

I would like to post more about the development. I’m curious about what areas are interesting for you to read about and if there is any special details you would like to know. Leave us a comment!



Looks great though id probably be bad at it. XD

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Quarob Author

There are levels of all types! but we have been having fun lately creating specially hard levels :D

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