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A game where rewinding time is essential to avoid death in your daily routine. In this article we'll share the first bit of news and details about our new project.

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Hello everyone!

Today we're sharing the first slice of information about our game, A Quiet Life. Being developed for PC, this is a 2D first-person point and click adventure, with time manipulation as its main selling point.

The game is set in an alternate, albeit contemporary reality, where everyone possesses a special ability. Following the daily life of 2 housemates with contrasting powers (one of them potentially deadly), as they struggle to avoid one another throughout their routine, the action is focused on what happens when their paths inevitably cross.

The players must complete everyday activities out of a checklist, as they avoid explosive surfaces that are deadly and indistinguishable from the normal ones to the naked eye. To do so, they must use their ambient rewind ability, that allows them to hear how certain objects were manipulated in the past.


  • Experience a slice of life in a different reality.
  • Face routine activities that can turn deadly at every turn.
  • Solve problems with an emphasis on 3D audio.

Below, we’ll share some gameplay examples, with placeholder sprites and UI:






We'll be hoping to be able to share more information in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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