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Some general information about what this project is and where I'm going with it.

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Hey guys, I've decided to break the silence since I vaguely posted a few screenshots and a brief description of the game. I'm revving up to release a pre-alpha version of the game so people can really see what it's all about, but I'm also going to use it as a chance to really balance and playtest the majority of mechanics in the game.

Poorly Managed Company is a digital board game combining mechanics of Deck Building games with Worker Placement games. It was initially going to be a physical game (and plans are still in the works for such), but as I come from a programming background, specifically a game industry programming background, creating it first digitally and prototyping it that way was inevitable. There are two planned game modes currently, a Basic, learning mode and a Full Game mode. The pre-alpha version is going to consist of the Basic mode, in its earliest of early forms, while I use what I learn from playtests and balancing to help finish design the Full Mode.

The idea is pretty simple, players each have a hand of cards and go around the table playing cards or performing actions on the board. Players play Worker cards to Seats in the company which allow them to then use those workers to complete Contracts or other projects that may be helpful to a player, but there's a catch - a Worker may only work on things on the same Floor as he is. Other cards players are playing are various Policies which may add an effect to a single worker, an entire floor, or the entire company that persists over several turns, Memo Cards which are basically "instant actions," Contract Cards and Construction Projects that are also played to Seats (thus what Workers can Work on), and Research cards that allow for player specific bonuses as well as filling requirements for Constructions or even to hire specific Workers. Since players can only work on projects on the same floor as a worker, multiple players may play on a single floor and try to steal projects from each other - thus "Poorly Managed Company."

That's a crash course in it anyway, in the Basic Mode only Contracts and Worker cards are available. These are the core of the game, and while I dont' think it will be nearly as fun an experience as with all the additional goodies, balancing this first will go quite a long way.

Well that's that for introductions, I've never really been good at 'em. Expect a lot more content and news coming in the next few weeks, and we'll hopefully be seeing a Pre-Alpha download up in a month or so.

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