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New build is available to early supporters through itch.io service.

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Based on comments and requests made by the players, I've enabled skipping the intro (ctrl/gamepad1) and fixed fast forwarding the intro text not working on gamepad (hold gamepad2). I've also shortened the duration of hurt state and set lava to propel the player upwards so this trap is not automatically a death sentence anymore... except in some rare cases (lvl 1-3) where it should be.

I've also added another state to ax throwers AI, so now after throwing an ax (animation fixed!) they do not immediately return to the patrol state, but instead move for a time without an ax, which gives the player enough time to approach and destroy them after learning their pattern.

The last new thing is a brand new level 2-3 which introduces unstable platforms which "drop" after you spend too much time on them, but later reset themselves automatically.

Some things for consideration: Level 2-2 might be too hard now that I've added 1 more ax thrower in the underground chamber. Will need to see with the testers and early supporters if they can pass the level in 3-5 tries.

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