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New build is available to early supporters through itch.io service.

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New build brings only one new level, but it's the first from Cursed Graveyard world. New enemies include zombies (very slow, like existing mud golems), skeleton warriors (a bit faster but still considered slow) and ghosts (flying, medium speed).

There's a new trap too, and it's a circular saw that moves horizontally. Will add more of those soon.

Improvements to the tiles include grass and dungeon floor, background brick wall and new parallax backgrounds for the graveyard world (full moon and night sky, graveyard hills and the graveyard fence).

Sprite variety: Zombies have 2 color variety bow ties. Ghosts have 2 color variety of hair. Still working on some sounds, details and random stuff (mushrooms are kind of out of the place here, so need something new to replace them).

Fixes to existing levels: Added some new details (supporting column, hanging oil lamp) and fixed 2 minor tile placement errors.

Fixes to map: I think I've improved the world map by adding another layer that clearly shows the levels (finished, next and future) so the player can orientate more easily. Also fixed the code that sometimes bugged and would not allow players to move from map screen to the next level.

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