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Pre-Alpha released! Read more for the features and roadmap.

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v0.01 Pre Alpha Released!

  • Added Crafting
  • Randomly generated worlds!
  • Multiplayer using the minetest servers!
  • Changed logo.
  • Removed some tabs from the main menu.
  • Added achievements using /Awards to view them.

This is the first release of The Voxel Box! This game is very similar to Minecraft and Minetest. This is not Minetest though, it is a fork of the game I made. I use very little features from the base game, mainly just the Minetest engine used for developing games like The Voxel Box.

Dev Roadmap


  • New main menu
  • Mod creator
  • Fully interactive villages! Ex. Quest for NPCS, librarian to rent books, shops, dialogue, etc
  • Charector Creation (Almost done)
  • Better weather system, the one installed should be disable currently; as it is very buggy and can glitch through walls.


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