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A quick run down of the changes made in the past 1 1/2 - 2 weeks , concept art and more.

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Hey there folks !

Crunch time is over! While there is so much more that I wish I could have ready before another pre-alpha release , I am long overdue to put another build out there. I've set a tentative release date of the 24th October for pre-alpha v 0.2 .

I like the idea of these 2 week crunch cycles , while I don't get quite as much sleep as I would like (who does ? ;) ) I feel they really help me focus on getting stuff done come hell or high water :)
Now on to the change log !

Change Log - 10/13/2013
Rough Stone Hammer


[Crafting Recipes]
Rough Stone Hammer

- Optimized AI NavNode collection.AI now searches for NavNodes within a certain distance and adds those to its list of known nodes.
This also applies to palm trees and their respective nodes.

- Dates can be 'farmed' by interacting with Palm trees once you've crafted a [ Rough Stone Hammer.] Each one contains a random number of dates with a maximum of 6 , after all the palm's dates have been 'farmed' they will regenerate after a random cool down period of up to 2 minutes.

- Water can also be collected from Wells once you have crafted a [Waterskin].
Each Well has a random amount of water and once it is expended the Well will dry up, use with care and take only what you need !

- Boulder’s can be mined for [Rough Stone] with a random maximum number mine able , once expended Boulders are destroyed.

- Coded Furnace with preliminary crafting functionality(requiring further refinement and expansion).

-Day/Night Cycles
- Razer Hydra Integration
- Improved Terrain , Streaming.

What are the next couple days reserved for ?
- Debugging
- Rebuilding NavMesh Paths
- Refining the demo for IGNCon on Friday the 18th & Saturday the 19th.

I'll finish this update off with some of the concept art that Irsyad(as always the best and most generous concept artist ever !) has prepared for me to print out for IGNCon. The prints turned out great and I look forward to posting pics from my trip in the next update.

Best Regards and Much Love

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