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Patch 0.4 is LIVE with bug fixes and NEW FEATURES that will challenge you to be the best goblin-slaying hero in all of Sherwood!

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New Melee System

Enjoy new animations for jumping, swinging, and combos. Parry enemy attacks with your sword (or die trying). Goblins have new behaviors too!

Item Shop

Collect Shinies by killing, exploding, and fulfilling other heroic duties. Spend them on custom CHARACTER SKINS to keep up with the latest Sherwood fashion trends.

*Female hero is free and now available from the start of the game*

Destructible Environments

Demolish enemy gates and castles in EXTREME EXPLOSIONS! Chain explosions with barrels for that sweet dopamine rush.

New Enemy Types

There are now 4 ENEMY TYPES! Already too many for you? Ok, Boombur… Go be a Tattlehorn and tell your friends!

Level Portals

Enter and replay levels through magical portals in the space-time continuum, because a hero like yourself is above the laws of physics.

Dynamic Main Menu

If you need a break from saving the kingdom, feel free to relax in this goblin camp.

Health Potions

Health potions have been hidden throughout levels. Hidden really well...so good luck with that!

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