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Pre-Alpha 0.1.11 has just been released! This is the last version before we head into Alpha.

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A quick screenshot from 0.1.11!

Hello everyone

This is the final update before Alpha 1.0, which I will start working on in a couple of days. With Alpha 1.0, I will release a launcher that gets you all the new updates, without you having to do much. Making things much simpler! Alpha will also release with accounts, so that's exciting!

Full 0.1.11 changelog:

Added more cheats
Added savefiles
Added options menu, found in the pause menu
Added back zonenames
Added a way to go to zones (Cheat: setzone [Zone ID])
Changed death screen
Reduced loading time
Improved zones and menus
Improved godmode
Improved noclip & flying
Your character customizations will now be saved everytime you press "Done"
Reduced size of the player's collision box
Respawning will now load your latest save (if it exists)
Pressing R will also now load your latest save (if it exists)
*Corrected misspelled invisibility cheat
*Fixed E sometimes not working on items, doors and NPCs
*Fixed item HUDs overlapping each other
*Fixed the color icons not changing colors properly in character customization


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