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Post news RSS Praise for Spirit! Nighttime, Video Review, and more!

Spirit received praise from a few great developers, We fool around with Nighttime in the game, KotoAndSen Video Review, and feedback from other players!

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Proteus creator Ed Key has given "Spirit" some praise on Twitter that we are so grateful and excited about: "Rather sweet-looking and -sounding Sworcery/Proteus/Fez ish game.."

We were also very thrilled when Kentucky Route Zero developer Cardboard Computer showed interest in our game on twitter as well.

Of course the game is still in a very early stage, but it's so great to hear something nice from talented developers like them. Proteus and KRZ were huge inspirations in making Spirit.

Since the completion of the Spirit Demo, we've mostly been sitting in front of our monitor's watching our Kickstarter page in anticipation and anxiety, but I've also been fooling around with the Nighttime mechanic in the game:

Since the story begins at dawn in the Spirit World, night quickly begins to fall as you explore the mysterious Temple across the Valley.

We've gotten tons of feedback from players about the demo, so we've started compiling some changes that will be made to the game if we are successfully funded on Kickstarter. Some of these changes include:
- Less grass cutting!
- Condense Dialogue (Not a lot, but some could be shortened a bit)
- Brief instruction on controls
- More music variety
Among a handful of other things that we noticed ourselves and want to improve for the full game.


Sen of KotoAndSen was awesome enough to do a playthrough/video review of Spirit:

I have started working on some more music for Spirit, specifically some extra tracks that may be incorporated into the atmosphere of the mountain village. Stay tuned for future posts that will feature those tracks!


-If you want to explore the world of Spirit at night or during the day...
-If you want to be a part of the ongoing changes and development of Spirit...
-If you like the music from the game and want to hear more...



Click the link above to go to the Kickstarter and back the project!

Thanks so much again for all the ongoing support! And stay tuned for future updates on the campaign!

-Holden Boyles & Ciprian Stanciu-

nmhbm - - 3 comments

I really enjoyed the demo. A part from the great looks and the atmospheric music I find the dialog to be my favorite part.

Which is why I want to say that the sound the game makes for every letter should be changed or even erased, atleast I find it a bit annoying and I dont want this to be a drawback on what seems like an excellent game.

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holdenboyles Author
holdenboyles - - 4 comments

Thanks so much for the feedback, its exactly what we need. Myself and others have the same feeling, and will be creating new dialogue sfx for the full game. Glad you enjoyed it!

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