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This article contains the usual dev log, some news and future plans.

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Hello everyone!

This is the third article for Powercity 9000. This article contains some information about the new update, future plans and more!
Powercity entered alpha. This is the last pre-alpha version.
This update is the last free update. Powercity 9000 will be available on desura soon. Maybe even steam, if powercity can pass greenlight once it's entered.
My friend is still not working on the game, but development will be faster when he works on the updates with me.

Sorry for the late update. This update is so late because:

  • I went two weeks to Spain, right after the release of the hotfix.
  • School started again, so I have less time to develop the game.
  • This update is very big, and big things take much time... :)

You can download the new update for the game here:

game title




minimap view of the map above this line

minimap 1

game warnings



in-game screenshot








population and railway texture:


All the new features are listed below:


  • Optimized code
  • Made mouse movement even smoother


  • Changed population count texture
  • Mouse scale is locked now
  • All text files are now placed in the "Text files" folder inside the "Content" folder.
  • Tiles/objects not shown on the screen are not drawn anymore.µ
  • Improved house textures (house, big house, big damaged house)


  • The tile cursor disappears when moved outside the paying field.
  • You can't zoom in/out outside the playing field
  • You can't place/delete tiles/objects when hovering over a game button.
  • Tile cursor changes to red and mouse cursor changes to the delete version while being in delete mode.
  • You can now delete objects and tiles separate.
  • Added railway corner
  • Added railway tile that I forgot to add in the previous version (sorry for that)
  • Added Stone object
  • Added random test object
  • Added color variant for grass
  • Added working options button
  • Added quit button
  • Added mode button to change build mode (delete / build)
  • Added mode change when pressing M
  • Added minimap button
  • Added minimap
  • Added load button
  • Added save button
  • Added basic in-game options menu
  • Added new game panel texture
  • Added checked and not-checked icon
  • Added normal mode icon
  • Added delete mode icon
  • Added play icon
  • Added save icon
  • Added options icon
  • Added quit icon
  • Added load icon
  • Added button class so I can easily add buttons
  • Added button textures
  • Added warning sign
  • Added construction sign
  • Added rainbow button
  • Added 17 custom tile minimap textures that you can edit
  • Added 10 custom object minimap textures that you can edit
  • Added new custom font to the game
  • Added window title
  • Added tile placement sound (test sound)
  • Added tile/object delete sound (test sound)
  • Added object placement sound (test sound)
  • Added button sound effect (test sound)
  • Added sound to the "delete everything" function.
  • Added in-game quit warning
  • Added main menu quit warning
  • Added main menu ("controls" section not working yet)
  • Added options
  • Added gameplay options menu
  • Added audio options menu
  • Added video options menu
  • Added play menu
  • Added new game & load game menu with moving buttons
  • Added button to toggle the warning texts in the game
  • Added button to toggle the humor in the game
  • Added button to toggle the void tiles in the game
  • Added unlimited saves support
  • Added game icon


  • Updated "Tilesets.txt"
  • Updated "Controls.txt"
  • Updated "ModdingHelp.txt"
  • Updated "ReadMe.txt"


  • Removed big damaged house until the texture is done.
  • Removed tile cursor change to red when being outside the playing grid
  • Removed right click to delete function

Do you want to contact us? Well, you can!

You can contact us on Indiedb, twitter (@JelleVandesijpe, @) or email (jatgamess@gmail.com) for questions, game problems and business.

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