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Introduction to the Power ups and more about the current state of the PC/Mac version.

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Here is the introduction to the power ups:

Power ups can be unlocked then picked up through treasures, alternatively 1 can be purchased for the start with the coins you picked up before, they can also be upgraded and each character has a power ups perk.

Last Knight will release on the 20th for iOS. For PC/Mac in January 2013 with some fancy extras!

The progress on the PC/Mac version went not as well as planned since I had to fix several more bugs and also tweaked some things. I was also very busy with making promotion material which eats up a lot of time too. However, the plan is now to release the PC/Mac version in January, hopefully there will be also more distribution channels open up then just Desura. You can still vote for Last Knight to come out on Steam here: Steamcommunity.com

The iOS version will release already this thursday, the 20th! There will be also a launch trailer for it, for which i have already recorded all the footage and put the artwork together. The trailer is then made by Crescent Moon Games who publishes the game for iOS and Gian Vernocchi who always makes the epic trailers.

The PC version will have of course the World deformation Mutators as a extra, and special graphics, like Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, DX11 Tesselation and Exponential Height Fog. The extra time I then have should also allow to make some bonus levels build around the World Deformation Shaders, if you have no clue what I'm talking about take a look here: Indiedb.com

If you have a iOS device I hope you check out Last Knight on Thursday! And if you are waiting for Last Knight for PC or Mac I hope you can wait a little longer. So I can get you a really polished product with some extras that are build around the graphics that you can only find on desktop computers.

In the meantime you can also check out the Last Knight advent calendar: Tocogames.com


Looks neat

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