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Post news RSS Power of Ten Update: New enemies, weapons, and upgrades

Added a few new pieces of content (enemies, weapons and upgrades) as well as some game design changes. Check it out in the latest demo.

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Download the latest version of the demo (Windows/Mac) here: Indiedb.com

Release notes:

* New Enemies: Stinger and Napalm Stinger

* New Weapon: Charged Ion Cannon

* New Upgrades: Extract Defense Energy and Expand Cargo Bay

* Game design update: gas/minerals have a cap on how many you can carry at once. Here's the design reasons behind this change: Gamejolt.com

* Added Upgrade UI to game screen so you always know what you currently have.

* Enemies drop remains now. There's about 20x more destruction :D. Some enemy remains can be destroyed for resources.

* Transports have a new design. Hopefully they are more intimidating and more thematic.

* Traders orbit planets now instead of traveling between them. This is mostly because their AI was becoming very costly on the larger systems.

* Added a few sound effects here and there.

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