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Post news RSS Postmortem reaching next milestone - New Art, Rewrites, and Beta Tester Signups!

Postmortem, playing as Death sent to claim a single life in a conflict-torn nation, is nearing its next milestone - New Art, Rewrites, and Beta Tester Signups!

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Yup, it's that time of the year again kids - our exploratory narrative game Postmortem is reaching the next milestone with brand new art, major character rewrites, and beta testing opening up next week!

For the curious mind, here's a few of our the biggest changes coming:

Walk Animation
Walk, walk, walkity walk...

  • New Conversation UI With Portraits - we already shared a quick preview with you. Beautiful artwork coming from one J. Flynn!
  • New Sprites - finally, we shall be saying good-bye to our Final Fantasy Tactics placeholders and welcome some great pixel art by Noah "HeartGear" Page!
  • Character Dialogue Rewrites - lots of rebalancing and fleshing out characters, for instance making a certain boy less of a, as one tester put it, "little shit" :P
  • New Intro Sequence - that will ease the player into the game world and provide more context!
  • Beta Testing Commencing - opening doors for last chance to preview and influence the game! Unconfirmed rumors say the signups may already be up if you poke around our website...

And of course some other new features and bugfixes. Oh and we are still open for an extra Writer/Editor or Items / Viewables / UI Graphic Artist as well if you're interest - shoot us an email with some samples!

Character Size Chart by J

Who is this mysterious cast of characters?

And if you haven't already:

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Postmortem is a exploratory-adventure Indie Game casting you as Death Incarnate sent to claim a single life in at a peace Gala in a nation torn by violent domestic conflict. By exploring the space, conversing with the patrons, and uncovering various clues, you will learn about the world and the characters, revealing how their deaths might (or might not!) influence the country.

But how much should you meddle with mortal affairs? Perhaps a random choice is the fairest? What other effects could your involvement have? Find out this August!

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