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Exploring the possibility of porting to Heart of Darkness.

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It has been roughly two years since I've updated this mod. I've actually bought Heart of Darkness, so I can't update the mod for owners of AHD.

Now, I could possibly port the mod to HoD, and I've since become more efficient at making mods, so I could possibly add events for some of the nations. I have thought about asking permission from the makers of Historical Flavor Mod, as they have a more accurate map to work with, with better provinces.

I have also attempted creating provinces, such as Nacogdoches for Fredonia. However, that typically ends up with a crash on the load screen, but I've heard that image editors like GIMP are the best for province editing, so I can try that.

I do not want to deliver a promise I can't keep, so I will see what I can do, and remain hopeful that I can continue to develop mods that people enjoy.

And make better flags.

I sucked at making flags.

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