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At the edge of our galaxy, an ancient conflict resurfaces between the Promosatti and the Dromosatti on planet Promos. Anormayne, the Promosatti high priest, travels through the Portal of the Heavens, across the galaxy to planet Urth, to save his apprentice from Falonayus, the evil fallen angel and leader of the Dromosatti. On Urth, Anormayne builds an alliance and raises an army to face the Dromosatti, in an epic battle to determine the fate of the galaxy.

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On February 28, 2020, Hearts Quest Studio, LLC published Portal of the Ancients: Book One of the Ancients Saga, the first graphic novel in an epic science fiction/fantasy saga based upon classic computer role playing games including Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age. R. Benjamin Wesley formed Hearts Quest Studio with his wife, Margaret, to write, illustrate, and publish graphic novels with the central theme of the spiritual journey.

In Portal of the Ancients, Anormayne begins his journey as the high priest of the Promosatti, an order of telepathic and telekinetic priests on planet Promos. He travels to see his mentor, Durlyn, who joins him in a quest to defeat Protheus, the evil priest of the Dromosatti. He pursues Protheus through the galaxy to a distant planet, Urth. Anormayne battles the fallen angel Falonayus on Urth in a quest to rescue his apprentice, and save the galaxy from evil. For more information, please visit www.heartsqueststudio.com..

Portal of the Ancients is available in graphic novel format at Quail Ridge Books at this link: Quailridgebooks.com

Portal of the Ancients is available in ebook format at My Must Reads at this link: Heartsqueststudio.papertrell.com

Portal of the Ancients is available in comic book format at Amazon at this link: Amazon.com

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