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Update: I hope it's not always like this...........

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UPDATE: I've haven't been on here for more then a day and have already copped slack for having (Simulator) in the name of my game.
Keep in mind my intentions are to release my first game to the public for free depending on how much effort is put into it's development.

I've removed the comments as they were not constructive for me, but it was based around the "oh not another simulator game"

I was under the impression being indie means you can express yourself in your own way and be shown some form of respect for your efforts.
So i'll just add for anyone who wishes to bash anyone else who had simulator in the name of their game.

It is a genre that some people enjoy playing along with FPS, RPG, MMO ect..
You don't have to like them but I would expect you to show myself and any of the other very! talented people on here respect for their efforts.

And I'd like to ask a question.
If any other popular game added simulator at the end would it fall under their list of things to bash.
And if i removed it from the name of mine would I have had the same treatment.

I guess I'm saying look at it as if all the puzzle platformers had puzzle platformer at the end of the name.

Anyway everyone keep up the great work :)

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