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Albino Lullaby is definitely one to watch Polygon Article by Colin Campbell

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Albino Lullaby is definitely one to watch

By Colin Campbell

Albino Lullaby is funny and it's scary, which is a rare thing.

Available right now as a demo on Indie Game Stand, it's a first-person walkabout that is part Stanley Parable and part Alfred Hitchcock. During the demo I was pretty creeped out, but at the same time, I was laughing out loud. It's one of those little gems that celebrates the familiar tricks of its trade and yet enjoys poking fun, all the same.

You are inside a haunted house with rooms that rotate. This is a sick place, full of sick allusions and sick jokes. If I try to literally explain a joke (an elevator door opens and it's full of torture devices) you won't laugh. But...

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