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Hello everyone, we got great news! We finally got Green-lit in Steam! This is something great for us, click here to find out what are our plans next!

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Note: This post is also on the Steam Greenlight web page of Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror.

Hello everyone!

Yes, our game finally got Green-lit! It took us about six months, but we finally made it. We believe this requires a Kirby dance!!!

<(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)>

Ok, well that is something we like to do when something cool happens to us n_n. Anyway, we feel this is great news for us n_n.We couldn't be happier :). Lately people have been saying that Greenlight approves way too many games now... and well, they may be right, the may be wrong. But nevertheless, we want to stress out that in either way, this was probably the only way for us to make it to Steam. Being just two people from Colombia, South America, you don't have the same benefits and specially accessibility that you might get if you are from other countries. So this announcement, whenever you put it, is amazing for us.

But enough about that, we should talk more about updates of our game! We've been kinda silent in the last three months (maybe more? We don't know how much exactly really :P). But lets talk about the current state of the game. So, basically:

  • All the characters for each "era" in the game are done.
  • All the powers you will use are done.
  • The same with the props (object, walls, ground, etc) and general ambiance in each level, its all done.
  • All the special characters are complete, blocking powers and whatnot.
  • The main menu and level selection screen is almost complete (still missing things like the options menu among other things.)
  • The tutorial levels are done.

This is what is missing:

  • The Sound-FX and Music are all done, but we still have to implement it in the game.
  • There are some missing thing in the game flow, specially with certain boss levels. We need to have the game flow complete!
  • We need to make a huge amount of levels, and we mean a lot n_n.
  • Some bug fixing and cleaning up here and there.

As you can see we think we are already past the half of development, and we are kind of in the later stages of the game n_n. We don't think this will take us much longer :D.
We would now like to show you the first 4 tutorial levels. These can be found separately from the normal levels in the game.Whats nice about them is that we show each look and feel of each era. So, well, this will give you an idea of how much graphically has changed in comparison with the original prototype version.

Poltergeist Tutorial - Classic era look and feel

Classic Era

Poltergeist Tutorial - Eighties era look and feel

Eighties Era

Poltergeist Tutorial - Modern era look and feel

Modern Era

Poltergeist Tutorial - Office era look and feel

Office Era

We feel this is an important step, because we think the game looks much nicer and less "rushed". And that is precisely because the original prototype was in fact done very quickly! We hope this time it looks a bit better.Well, for now this will be all, we promise that we will keep on working and have the game as good and quick as we can n_n. We do hope these screen-shots made you feel like this is going to be a good game, with a good art style n_n


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Congrats! I remember seeing your project on Jesse Coxxe's Greenlight! Congrats on the Greenlight! :D

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