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The new version of Xtraction Point. Tutorial level and some other levels redesigned. Controller update.

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* Some players are wondering what is the background of our game. Now we are trying to give a story before the beginning of the game.

* Tutorial level redesigned. The two players will complete their task separately to learn how to control their characters and learn how to use the skills. In last some versions, some player may be left behind if his partner goes too fast and can not learn the detail of his skills. This time we use two cameras for two players and let them learn separately.

* Level 1 redesigned. The level becomes quite easy but gives more hints about how players can interact with assets in the scene. The last version gives a level that is quite easy and not very progressive. This level now is designed to be follow closely after the tutorial level. It focuses more on the cooperation part.

* Level 2 and Level 3 become more challenging. Require players to handle more dangerous tricks. Last several versions give quite easy levels and have similar tricks. This time we try to design more interesting progresses.

* UI and Shield have new sprites. The art design become more consistent. The art effect will be more satisfying including shadows, stun effect, character states, shield animation and turrets details.

* There are more tricks including rotating lasers and machine guns. The tricks will appear in the future levels. It will make the game more interesting.

* The controller can control the game thoroughly including call pause menu during the game and selecting levels at the beginning menu.

* Scene change can affect the game experience. This time we apply the fading image as the scene transition.

* Boss level is still on progress.

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