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We regard the funds that Kickstarter backers have granted our small team as a generous extension of trust, and we will work diligently to fulfill every commitment and make the Last Dream series as sophisticated and enjoyable as possible.

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Steam Greenlight…

Based on your feedback, we just published a Steam Greenlight page to further promote Last Dream and make the series even stronger. Please consider up-voting Last Dream by clicking “Yes” here: Steamcommunity.com

Active Time Battle System

We had no expectation that we would ever reach $5,000 on Kickstarter and programming an advanced battle system into Last Dream II will be intensive… yet we are whole-heartedly looking forward to it! We now have a network of great code writers who we can turn to for support, and as players ourselves, we believe this will be a totally awesome feature! :-)

Continued Enhancements

As you play Last Dream, please let us know what further improvements we could either implement in Last Dream or apply to Last Dream II. The funds that Kickstarter backers have so generously given us will enable us to accomplish a great deal, and we also realize that there is much we can do that does not require additional money, such as adding interesting side quests and puzzles. Please share your ideas here: Whitegiantrpg.com

Download the full version of Last Dream with a 3-hour free trial here:

Last Dream Full Game

Check out the sixth episode of the Last Dream Let's Play series:

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