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Its a summary of what has been changed since last version

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Some players reported that trial and error in level 3 was unnecessary and frustrating, so we removed some useless tiles to make it into a maze. Players still have to explore, but with a lot less tedious tries.

We designed a storyline and polished our games around that storyline.

Furthermore, we made some adjustments such as making turning directions follow camera angle so that players don't confuse which direction a cube turns.

We redesigned some puzzles based on playtest feedback and player’s behaviors to make the puzzles more intuitive to solve while still challenging.

We made the camera move to focus on the corresponding lock tile after a button is pressed, because from out playtest feedback many people found it hard to tell which lock is unlocked after a button is pressed.

We slowed down peek mode.

We added better level transition with the scene fading out and in.

Pressing 'Esc' button on keybord (and its corresponding button in the controller) will now reset to the latest checkpoint, instead of pulling out a Pause Menu. Battery pickups will also be restored.

If the player has a low battery count, the battery count turns red.

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