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What’s New? We did a lot of stuff this week! One big thing we added were some new enemies and enemy art. The original default enemy art was a placeholder from the first milestone that we never replaced, but now we did! We also drew new art for the wood enemies to differentiate them. We also added some new enemies to force players to play more dynamically and make the game more interesting. There are new octopus enemies in the bottom right to make the lake special (and now every corner has a special thing that happens there). We also added an enemy that runs at players and explodes into shards of ice on the ground to force people to move around and prevent cheesing. the shards also hurt other enemies, which can lead to some interesting strategies. We added a lot of minor effects to make the game more polished as well. Scene transisitons, a title screen, slight camera movement, sound effects, cloud shadows on the ground, updated the UI, more feedback when taking damage, etc. We also added a cutscene before the game starts for fun.

What’s the Motivation? A lot of the changes were aesthetic, meant to make the game more cute and professional looking. The extra enemies were added to make the game more dynamic and interesting.

What’s Next? Fix the tutorial and start menu, and add a victory screen!

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