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This update adds two new battle aspects to the game that function online: PVP battles and the Battle Spot. Of course, the update also enhances the story and fixes bugs from previous versions.

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Pokémon3D version 0.45 contains the most anticipated feature in the century: PVP (at least it seems to me like it is because it got requested so much).

The PVP system might still be a little buggy and needs work. So please expect a few things go wrong and stuff, but the major features and routines should work normally.

Let’s get to the changelog:

For Players:

  • Added Battle Spot. This feature allows players to upload their team and battle against other teams that are already uploaded. Requires GameJolt.
  • Added Player vs. Player battles. These require the players to play on the same server, non-GameJolt and GameJolt players can battle against each other.
  • Added Battle Box to use in the Battle Spot and PVP battles.
  • Added new moves to the game.
  • Added new maps: Lavender Town, Route 8, Route 10 (part 2), Route 11, Route 12, Route 13, Diglett’s Cave
  • Added new channels to the Kanto Radio.
  • Added Phantump and evolution.


  • Fixed God-Mode to not end properly.
  • Fixed the ability to paste “,” and “.” to Pokémon’s names.
  • Fixed trading not registering in the player’s Pokédex.
  • Fixed eggs show their held items on the storage system.
  • Fixed TM 90 having wrong name.
  • Fixed Eevee and Shuckle Pokémon scripts.
  • Fixed RoamingPokémon appearing in RockSmash, HeadbuttTree and Rod encounters.
  • Fixed Hidden Power description.
  • Fixed Natural Gift move
  • Fixed the Headbutt problem.
  • Fixed Radio Tower Typo.
  • Fixed Vermilion City trainer trap.
  • Fixed “Lavender City” in the powerplant script.
  • Fixed Pokédex crash when displaying Shinx and Luxray.

Content Creators:

  • Added new commands: @daycare.call and @daycare.cleardata
  • Grass Entities can now take a specific .poke file path as additional value.

That’s it for this time. Have fun with this new update of Pokémon3D.

You can get the update from the launcher, it will be available in a few minutes.

If you encounter any bugs with this version of the game, be sure to let us know: Pokemon3d.net

//The Pokémon3D Team.

JFreakXD - - 275 comments


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MrPerson - - 1,801 comments

oh cool, PVP! if only I had some friends who were willing to play this with me...

also, I have not played in a few months (though I should) how do you get to the gen 1 map? whenever I start I am in the gen 2 area.

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JasonTGamer - - 226 comments

In Pokemon Gold/Silver (which this game is based off of), after completing the main story you were able to travel back to the Kanto region, which is where Gen 1 games took place.

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MrPerson - - 1,801 comments

Honestly, I got to the elite four in those, but never got past them. I still have to do that at some point

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KITATUS - - 61 comments

Looking great!

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