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This update adds Direct Trading, new interfaces for the Storage System and Hall of Fame and Vermilion City with Gym. Be sure to check those new things out with Pokémon3D version 0.43!

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And we are back with a new update for Pokémon3D: version 0.43, it contains new features and maps as well as bugfixes:

New areas:

  • Vermilion City (with Gym)
  • Route 11
  • Route 6
  • Underground Tunnel
  • SS Aqua trip to Vermilion
  • one new Safari Zone area

New features and changes:

  • Direct Trading: This allows players on the same server and the same connection type (GameJolt or not GameJolt) to trade Pokémon. You can initialize a trade via the PokéGear. Open the Pokégear, select PSS, scroll to the left and select a player in the PSS Passby list.
  • Filtering on the PC Storage System by pressing Q (or Y on controllers)
  • Added missing-texture crash catcher
  • Updated ship model
  • Added support for items created by GameModes
  • Shiny Menu Sprites for Pokémon #1 - #174
  • Added 5 new Pokémon from Generation 6
  • Colored the stats boosted by nature on the Summary Screen
  • Enhanced several interfaces

To get the latest version, open the launcher and click “Get latest version”, 0.43 will be available in a few minutes.

Please report any bugs here:

//The Pokémon3D Team

MrPerson - - 1,801 comments


so how do I avoid the 5 new pokemon from generation 6? I want nothing to do with those generations, thought this was supposed to be a 3D verison of gold/silver/crystal. I know its your project, but I beg you, please don't add anything else from the new generations

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Hobbit9797 - - 3 comments

Gen 6 was the best generation since gen 3.

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MikeyDoom - - 159 comments

Couldn't agree more!

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TiberiousKirk - - 297 comments

personally, I would eventually like to see the regions and plot-lines of all the generations available. Though I have a feeling size of the file would be difficult.

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